Fat Burning 10 Minute Home Boxing Workout To Learn Boxing and Lose Weight

Fat Burning Boxing workouts for women are some of the most challenging and fastest workouts to lose weight, build stamina and get super fit.  This fat burning 10 minute home boxing workout instructional video for women seen below will show you how to get lean, build stamina and burn fat with a heavy bag or stand up bag.

Boxing workouts for women are great to not only burn calories and fat but also knock off stress from a hard day of work, being a mom and all the daily activities of just living.  Boxing workouts will get you to slip, punch, weave and constantly move for the entire fitness routine.  If you learn the correct boxing exercises you’ll engage your entire body.

Boxing exercises incorporate your legs, core, arms, torso and shoulders.  Hence, you’ll be training your body from head to toe.  If you really want to add a challenge.  Incorporate weight trainingboot camp exercises and cardio exercises into each boxing workout.

Perform This 10 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag Home Workout

Warning: perform this boxing workout for women at own risk and always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.
Perform the Heavy Bag Boxing Workout Sample (find complete workouts here)  below 2-4x, 1 minute rest if needed:
1. Straights and Switch 1 minute
2. Hooks and Switch 1 minute
3. Shovel Punch 1 minute
4. Straights, Hooks, Shovel, Hooks 1 minute
5. Jump Rope 3 minutes
6. Push Ups on knees 1 minute
7. Sit Ups 1 minute (support feet and roll down slow into crunch position)
Rest 1 minute, repeat 2-4x then workout….
Above is a 4 minute preview of the type of boxing workouts you’ll get with the best home boxing workout program for women in fitness, Box Your Way Fit and Slim http://selz.co/4kT8pXol7 gives you over 23 workouts that are 15 minutes.  Each program allows you to tailor the training and goals you want to achieve based upon your lifestyle. You can train 15 or 60 minutes.  Box Your Way Fit gives you a complete guide and calendar to help you transform your body and fitness.
Want to Workout More?
Jog 1-2 miles and combine the boxing workout above with another boxing workout (box here) or a weight training workout (lift weights here)

Hope this helps!  Keep training and let us know how your workout went.  Please comment and share.

4 Exercises You Can do at Home To Lift and Tone Your Glutes for Fast Results

You can lift and tone your glutes (bum) right at home if you do these 4 exercises as shown below.  Getting a great bum is not that easy unless you have great genetics.  For some women, simply performing squat and walking seems to help firm up the backside along with a good diet.

For others, not so genetically gifted.  You may need to put in some extra effort and be consistent in your workouts.  Believe me.  I get it when women tell me how frustrated they get after working out for months without a big change.

The good news is that if you’re eating healthy, eating lower calories than your burning everyday plus working out with the right program.  You can see results. Today I’m going to show you a home workout routine you can do for your glutes.  Perform this two day a week to get that cute, tone and lifted bum.

However, this 4 exercise butt circuit works best when coupled with other exercises that target your lower body.

So, Perform Workout Circuit 1 first before performing the Workout Circuit 2: that I’ll show

Workout Circuit 1 To Lift and Firm Your Bum

Key: beginner / advanced

  1. Squats  15 reps / 20 reps    use a bar or a dumbbell
  2. Jumping Squats with a 10-20lb medicine ball   10 reps / 10 reps (20lbs)  make sure to land and squat below parallel, keep ball to chest entire time, hands under ball so ball is below chin

Repeat both exercises, with 2 minute active rest (crunches 25 and stretch)  after performing both.  Beginner repeat 2-3x, Advanced Repeat 3-5x


Workout Circuit 2 To Lift and Firm Your Bum

Here is an easy and effective butt toning workout you can do right at home.  Stabilize your hips and protect your lower back using a fitness ball and bench while performing a swim and heel lift exercises.

How To Perform the 4 Exercises To Get a Great Bum Right at Home (optional: wear 2lb. ankle weights):

  1. Swim  1-2 minutes (squeezing on top, toes lateral)
  2. Leg Lifts 1-2 minutes (squeeze glute before lift)
  3. Bridges w heavy dumbbell 30-60lbs  25-50 reps
  4. Good Mornings 10-15 12-20lbs.
  5. Jump Rope 1 minute
Repeat all 5 exercises, no rest if possible 3-6x
Jog 1-2 miles
Sprints (for advanced only)
5 x 25 yards, rest with a walk back
5 x 50 yards
1/4 mile sprint
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Want to shape and tone your legs right at home? Here’s one of the best home leg workouts to help you get the legs you desire.
Finding the best at home leg workout isn’t easy.  There are so many different home workouts  but very little are created by a Top American Trainer for Free.  Below, is a home workout that was created for women to get fit, lean and strong legs right at home.   No, it’s not just burpees, squats, mountain climbers like every other copy cat workout on the market.
 Doug Bennett, Top American Trainer and Creator of both Fitgirl App Pro on iTunes and BOX YOUR WAY SLIM wants to show you that at home leg workouts can be very effective to helping you get the results you desire.  See how a top trainer puts a workout together and compare it to P90X or the most popular 20 minute workout.  Guarantee this home workout for your legs below will blow them away.
He admits that working out at a gym can be more effective than training at home because of it’s array of equipment gives more options.  Yet, the right workout plan is key to getting 10x the results.
Always, consult with your medical professional before starting this exercise or any exercise program.  These workouts are for informational purposes only and NOT a personal prescription.  Please, perform at your own risk.
  • Please give each exercise your best effort.
  • Cardio: train with intensity.
  • Weights: keep good form and challenge yourself with heavier weights.
  • Advanced: You should be struggling towards the end of each set.
  • Beginners should use light weights!
  • BEGINNER / ADVANCED will be to right of each exercise
  • Perform each circuit before moving onto next circuit
  • If you’re very limited on time, just do 3 sets (3x) of each
  • Each circuit perform top to bottom and repeat as written
  • I created a link in blue for exercises to view for form, tap exercise to view
    1. Jump Rope  or Jumping Jack with fist                       1 minute / 2 minutes
    2. Squat with Db (heaviest you can do)                          20 reps / 25 reps (i.e. 30lb)
    3. Stand Ups                                                             15 each leg / 25 each leg
    4. Star Jumps                                                            20 Reps / 50 Reps
    5. Run High Knee 1 minute or Jog 1/4 mile and Sprint back      1x/ 2x
    Repeat all 5 ( beginner 2-3x, advanced 5x)
    1. Skating                                                                 1 minute / 2 minutes
    2. Clapping Push Ups, knees                                      10 / 15-25
    3. Step Ups On Bench Or Block (12-14 inches)              10 each leg / 15 each leg holding 10-15lbs dumbbell in each hand
    * step ups: keep the right foot on platform entire time.  Step Up with left foot, lock out knees, stand tall, step back down with left foot and back up, repeat until all reps finished and then switch to right foot and do  the same. Make sure to push off the heel thats on the platform to stand up.  Hold dumbbells to you side with straight arms.
    Repeat all 3 (beginner 2-3x, advanced 5x)
    1, Burpees w a 10 high knee runs                                   10-15 / 50
    * Make sure to let your entire body hit the ground and press off palms of hands hard to jump up into a SQUAT!
    Take Your time and don’t rush.
     Have a lower back injury or cant do burpees?  Do Jumping Squats instead!
    2, Run High Knee                                                         2 minute / 2 minutes
    Repeat both, (beginner 1x, advanced 1x)
    Circuit 4
    Perform Preferably with bag and gloves to get the biggest impact.
    No bag or gloves? use 1 lb weights or just a closed fist.  Try to use good form.
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