Fat Burning 10 Minute Home Boxing Workout To Learn Boxing and Lose Weight

Fat Burning Boxing workouts for women are some of the most challenging and fastest workouts to lose weight, build stamina and get super fit.  This fat burning 10 minute home boxing workout instructional video for women seen below will show you how to get lean, build stamina and burn fat with a heavy bag or stand up bag.

Boxing workouts for women are great to not only burn calories and fat but also knock off stress from a hard day of work, being a mom and all the daily activities of just living.  Boxing workouts will get you to slip, punch, weave and constantly move for the entire fitness routine.  If you learn the correct boxing exercises you’ll engage your entire body.

Boxing exercises incorporate your legs, core, arms, torso and shoulders.  Hence, you’ll be training your body from head to toe.  If you really want to add a challenge.  Incorporate weight trainingboot camp exercises and cardio exercises into each boxing workout.

Perform This 10 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag Home Workout

Warning: perform this boxing workout for women at own risk and always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.
Perform the Heavy Bag Boxing Workout Sample (find complete workouts here)  below 2-4x, 1 minute rest if needed:
1. Straights and Switch 1 minute
2. Hooks and Switch 1 minute
3. Shovel Punch 1 minute
4. Straights, Hooks, Shovel, Hooks 1 minute
5. Jump Rope 3 minutes
6. Push Ups on knees 1 minute
7. Sit Ups 1 minute (support feet and roll down slow into crunch position)
Rest 1 minute, repeat 2-4x then workout….
Above is a 4 minute preview of the type of boxing workouts you’ll get with the best home boxing workout program for women in fitness, Box Your Way Fit and Slim http://selz.co/4kT8pXol7 gives you over 23 workouts that are 15 minutes.  Each program allows you to tailor the training and goals you want to achieve based upon your lifestyle. You can train 15 or 60 minutes.  Box Your Way Fit gives you a complete guide and calendar to help you transform your body and fitness.
Want to Workout More?
Jog 1-2 miles and combine the boxing workout above with another boxing workout (box here) or a weight training workout (lift weights here)

Hope this helps!  Keep training and let us know how your workout went.  Please comment and share.

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