Punch, Jump and Move to Burn Calories right at home or while travelling

Above is the best Fit Action for women to perform punch, jump and move daily when time is short or you want to get that extra burn after a heavy weight workout.

We recommend performing this punch, jump and move workout with high intensity and good form.  You can make it even more challenging by holding 2-3 lb. dumbbells while punching and running.

Make sure that you’ve performed this workout for at least a few weeks before adding weight.  Focus on turning your punches over and throwing your entire body (legs, hips, shoulder and arms with each punch).  This will give you a greater calorie burn while performing each boxing punch with good form.

The Program for the Video above:

  1. 10 high knee runs (20 total) followed by 10 straight punches above the eye (make sure to extend arms out and throw from chin).  Repeat both high knee runs and punches 10x, no rest.
  2. Next, immediately follow the above circuit with 10 mountain climbers (dig each foot into the ground 10x  with intensity, keeping hips low) and then 10 star jumps (tuck as going down hill skiing then spring up high while putting out arms and legs both straight before landing softly to repeat!)   Repeat both mountain climbers 10 each foot and star jumps 10 both 10x with no rest.

Hope this punch, jump and move workout helps to burn calories in your daily routine!

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