3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad

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Take your abs crunch hold and tight and make sure don’t put much pressure on your lumbar spine. Hold your back flat don’t let your lower back sag, only go out as far as you can hold that position. Try that at 4 sets of 12, at the end of a workout you really be feeling


Odoland 3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad – Perfect Abdominal Core Carver Fitness Workout for Abs – with Workout Guide.

3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro With Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope And Knee Pad

3-IN-1 Ab Roller Set: Odoland 2 wheel Ab roller set with push-up bar and jump rope is designed for anyone wants to keep fit and shape better figure. 2-wheel Ab roller with knee pad helps to carve core and get ripped abs. Push-up bar provides better support when doing push-ups. You can also burn calories.

UPGRADED Ab Roller For Stability: Most AB rollers on the market have only one or two wheels. Instead, our upgraded AB roller built with longer handle pipe. It can supports up to 800lbs. The handle is covered with anti-slip resistant foam, making it more stable.

Excellent Push-up Support & Knee Protecting: The push-up bar of detachable design has anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom. It mounts the ground and won’t slip easily. You can use the bar alone or with the AB roller at one time for better Abs toning, as the bar can give excellent support to your body. The knee pad can protect your knees from injury when rolling frontward and backward.

Longer Durability & Easy Assembling: Both Ab roller and push-up bar are of strong structure. The 3-wheel Ab roller with upgraded wheel pipe can support up to 800Lbs, making it more stable and durable for Abs toning. The AB roller and push-up bar are easy to assemble and disassemble due to its humanized design.

More Workout In Less Time: Odoland AB roller wheel is more stability and effective for abs carving. You can get more intense abdominal workouts in less time by using it together with the push-up bar!

Using Push-Up Bars

To use the push-up bars, place them on the floor in the same spot that you put your hands during a push-up. Grip the handles and perform a push-up as you normally would.
If you can’t do regular push-ups, you can simply drop your knees to the ground and do push-ups from that position. The push-up bars will still help if you are doing push-ups from your knees.

Using Jump Rope

The jump rope is an incredibly efficient, versatile workout tool. Carry it in your backpack or briefcase, bring it with you on vacations and weekend trips for work because this is one of the easiest ways to build cardio fitness, agility, and strength on the go.

Change Your Life with One-Hour Workout

The ab wheel is an advanced training tool that, when used correctly, builds strong triceps, lats and core.
Build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you’ve always wanted.

This simple tool makes push-ups more challenging and allows you to get more out of every rep.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is essentially 4 different products so I’ll go over each one separately, but I’ll lead with my conclusion. It’s worth it for the inexpensive push-up bars alone and maybe the ab roller if you don’t mind a little DIY on the roller. the knee pad and jump rope are usable, but barely.

    Push-up bars: I mostly use the push up handles to save my wrists during yoga (they do a better job than foam blocks for me). The handles are plastic, but quite sturdy. I’m currently 235 lbs and they feel super solid under load. The grips are padded foam and the bases are even rubberized. They’re actually much better than I expected.

    The ab roller: Could be better, but gets the job done. The center rod is actual metal so there’s no worry of breaking it under human weight. The handles do slip off easily, but that hasn’t been a problem during use for me. It is annoying every time I try to pick it up or take it out of the bag and it’s fallen apart again. I’ll probably try to add some thickness to the metal bar with tape or something so they stay on better.

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