Now Or Later Peas

 Snow and Shell Peas on the Same Plant. This unique new variety allows you to pick peas early for slender, crisp and stringless snow peas or wait till later to pick when the pods have filled out with 10 to 12 sweet shell peas.


  When I am craving a good old fashion maple bar, I make a batch of these Maple Bacon Bakes to satisfy my sweet tooth craving in a healthy way. Salty bacon and sweet maple syrup go together like cowboys and horses. MAPLE BACON

Lemonade Beer with Cherry Rum

Say what??? You heard me correctly. I wasn’t a believer either at first. I mean seriously, mix lemonade with beer? But, just because I’m not a believer doesn’t mean I won’t try something. At least once. Lemonade with Cherry Rum 12 oz frozen lemonade