Peeps Houses

Is this an Easter craft or an Easter treat? It’s both! These Peeps Houses are almost too cute to eat. Whether you eat them or not, they’re fun to make.  The houses will “keep” pretty well for several days. They start to soften a


When a food blogger tells you a recipe has been made over and over again… take note. That is kind of a big deal. Because usually, if we are going to spend our efforts cooking or creating, it might as well be working towards

Pretty Easter Eggs

There’s a psychedelic tie-dyed one–the blue one in the middle. That happens when you add more food coloring to the glass with the eggs already in the water. That’s kind of fun. You can be creative in your egg coloring! Get Instructions Here:  Pretty

Beef Barley Soup

  I call this a lazy-day soup. Make it on a rainy day at home when your most exciting task is laundry. It will make you feel all warm and nostalgic, I promise. Or, if you want to eat this on a weekday, throw

Double Fudge Banana Muffins

If my calculations are correct, muffins made in a regular tin should be about 100 calories each and muffins made in a jumbo tin should be about 200 calories each. Add about 37 calories for each regular sized muffin for every 1/3 cup of

20 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric:

This amazing herb has many benefits to our health, it has become a must in almost every kitchen pantry to keep ourselves and families full of energy and health. Check out the extremely good benefits it promotes: 1. It is a natural antiseptic and