Just Got Dumped Brownie Bars

A while back there was a recipe going around for Slutty Brownies and I loved. I wanted something that was a little bit more sinful and I wanted to add a couple more layers – chocolate ganache frosting, caramel sauce, and golden Oreos. I

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Vegan Burritos

have a very tasty recipe to share with you. It will be a frequent meal in my house from now on, that’s for sure. These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Vegan Burritos are the stuff dreams are made of, folks. I’m not going to

DIY- Coffee Scrub and Mask

  This homemade coffee scrub and mask sloughs away dead skin cells, deeply nourishes my skin and leaves me with a radiant, glowing complexion. It makes my face so smooth and bright. It’s the best! Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that protects

DIY Sponge Clip

Use a binder clip as a sponge stand.  This will allow it to air-dry instead of getting all mildewy.

Secret Cabinet

The end panel of an upper cabinet is also a really useful message center. It simply appears as an end panel, but secretly opens to reveal three pockets & hooks for your keys. It is so nice to have a go to spot for these

Pit Cherries Using a Pastry Tip

When cooking with cherries, sometimes it’s just fine to leave the pits in. However, many recipes do require the extra step. Here is our simple and efficient method for removing cherry stones.  A cherry pitter is one of those convenient but limited use gadgets