SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, AND FUN!  GIFT baskets have been done every possible way I could think of so I decided to think outside of the basket. “Orange” You Glad It’s Christmas? Red and green are so predictable this time of year! 🙂 Add a little

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup It is made all in one pot, no cooking chicken separately or making a roux in a separate pot. This is a soup that is perfect for a weeknight meal, and it’s one that your whole family can enjoy (if

Pumpkin Lollipops

Halloween is a fun time to whip up some cool treats. Why not spoil guests at a holiday party or kids at their school class party with these easy to assemble goodies.  Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats. This ain’t your ordinary Rice Krispie Treat.   Oreo

Keep Your Dryer Sheets

I was doing my laundry today and was thinking, Hmmmm, I wonder if there is something that I could reuse dryer sheets for.  Then I seen this on pinterest, Store used dryer sheets in an old Kleenex box. They work great on a swiffer sweeper

31 Days of Halloween – Faux Candles

You can make your own faux candles. IS THAT NOT AWESOME? Break out your trusty toilet paper rolls and some electric tealights. Split the toilet paper rolls up the sides: Since you’ve got the hot glue gun nice and hot, use it to make

Instant Oatmeal Jars-Easy Breakfast Prep

“Instant” Oatmeal Jars – Easy Breakfast Meal Prep Oatmeal Jars are so convenient & versatile for busy mornings! Endless Flavor Combinations. Simply fill with HOT milk or water…finish getting ready for the day….grab & GO! The kids & I prepared an entire weeks worth

10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast

We just discovered an awesome list of foods that research has indicated to have pain-fighting properties. Some of these we have already covered in other posts – however this is a great new list. These foods contain compounds that scientific reports are showing can