Chick-a-Roni Skewers

Nope this isn’t low fat, nor low in calories. It is low in carbs and high in protein though, so you’ll feel satisfied and if you figure that most of grease will end out in the pan instead of soaking into your pizza you


This is such a simple recipe and the perfect accompaniment to Mexican and Caribbean meals. The pungent heat from the red onion dissipates overnight into a sweet crunch and a vibrant pink color. Its flavor is as bright as its appearance. PICKLED RED ONIONS

Planting seeds in Eggshells

When it’s time to transplant the young plants outdoors, place them in the soil, eggshell and all. Crush the eggshells a bit and they will provide nourishment to the soil and your growing plants. Planting seeds in Eggshells You’ll need : 12 empty eggshell

DIY-Swiffer Dust Socks

Simply pulled the ever-so-stretchy sock over the swiffer base and voila! One instant machine washable swiffer static cloth!  Use on your tile or  hardwood floors!!

DIY- Garbage-Disposal Cleaning Cubes

The next time you’re enjoying an orange, hold onto the peels for this easy cleaning DIY. When your sink is wafting a bit of an unsavory smell, you can quickly clean it with the help of that orange rind and some rosemary. And using

Tips & Tricks

Reasons why you want to keep this in your home!! Tips & Tricks Want to live in a mosquito-free yard? I have one word. GARLIC! I buy the biggest jar of garlic that I can find and sprinkle it around my yard. I even poor