How to Throw a Jab and Cross using a heavy bag for boxing training at home

Boxing jab and cross are the best home boxing workout exercises to tone your entire body from head to toe with a heavy bag.  Learning how to throw a jab and a cross is very important if you are going to use boxing training at home to lose weight.  Hitting a heavy bag or stand up bag is great because it adds resistance to your arms and body if you use the best boxing technique.

Boxing fitness workouts are far different than training with a Pro-Boxing Trainer for an actual fight that includes sparring and other boxing training techniques.  This video will show you how hit a heavy bag with a jab and a cross.  The jab and cross for a boxing fitness workout mixed with weights, body weight exercises and cardio exercises are all great to get lose weight and get fit right at home.

You’ll simply need a heavy bag or stand up bag, dumbbells, jumping rope, boxing wraps and boxing gloves.

The best way to use this video to your best advantage is too practice your jabs for 3 minutes.  Hit the bag with your cross for 3 minutes. Then combine the jab and cross for the next 3 minutes.  The last 3 minutes combine the jab and cross for multiple straight combinations.  Example, throw :

  1. Jab, Jab, Cross (all to head)
  2. Jab (midsection), Jab (head), Cross (head)
  3. Jab (head), Cross (midsection), jab (head)
  4. Jab (midsection), Cross (midsection), Cross (head), Jab (midsection)

After 4 rounds of punching as above, 30 sec – 1 min rest between rounds, Jump rope 3 minutes, Squats 50-100 reps, Push Ups 50-100, Jog 1-2 miles.  This is just part of a workout or entire workout when you are short on time.

Boxing Video: How To Throw a Jab and Cross For Boxing Training at Home To Lose Weight:

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