How to make Unhealthy Meals both healthy and fast!

Eating foods that are lower in fat, sugar and all the bad stuff like preservatives can be tough when you live a hectic lifestyle.  However, you can workout all day but if you don eat unhealthy meals and don’t make healthy choices, all that hard work goes to waste.  So, it’s important to creating Unhealthy Foods that you love healthy.

One healthy cooking tip is to make leaner protein ahead of time that you can simply heat up and place in exchange of a unhealthy protein.  Below is an example of choosing a flour free wrap ( Engine 22) that’s got great fiber in exchange for a bulky white sub roll or pita that’s loaded with sugars and salt.  In addition, we grilled up organic turkey burgers that are 94% lean to replace a fatty burger.  Oh yeah, don’t forget that we also used an organic tomato, organic ketchup and organic lettuce.  This eliminated all the preservatives that are usually found in most produce.

So, you say ketchup has sugar?  Yes, but remember you workout so a little sugar won’t hurt you.  Plus, are you trying to get up on stage?  If so, then you’re probably in the gym 2-3 hours a day and this isn’t for you…

Please try this great burger as shown in the video with the Engine 22 Tortilla, organic produce and organic ketchup.

Let us know how it taste?





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