How to Make a Kokedama Ball ( Gardening )

Make A Kokedama Hanging Garden.  Watch the video below on How to Make a Kokedama Ball.

What is a Kokedama Ball? 

It is a form of Japanese garden art that is centuries old and tied into the practice of bonsai. It is an accent to that mode of plant display where a moss ball is the focal and supporting point for a sculpted tree or plant.

How to Make a Kokedama Ball. Make A Kokedama Hanging Garden.  Watch the video below on How to Make a Kokedama Ball.  

Select your plant using a guideline of ease of care, light situation, and ability to tolerate sodden soil. Many tropical jungle plants are suitable for the project, as well as ferns, lucky bamboo or even ivy. Avoid any succulents and cacti, as the soil ball will remain too moist for these types of plants.

How to Make a Kokedama Ball ( Gardening )
  • Twine/string
  • Water
  • Sheet moss (dry or living)
  • Bonsai soil
  • Peat moss
  • Plants (water loving plants work best)
  1. Remove your plants from their pots, and carefully remove as much soil from the roots as possible. Put them aside.
  2. Make a mixture of ¾ bonsai soil with ¼ peat moss. Gradually wet the mixture until you are able to mold a ball that is capable of holding your plant without breaking apart. Add extra bonsai soil or peat moss as necessary to perfect your mixture.
  3. Open the soil ball and place the roots of your plant inside. Tightly close the ball of soil around the roots.
  4. Next, take the moss and wrap it around the ball of soil. If you have dry sheet moss, make sure you soak it in water and squeeze out the excess water before you wrap it around the ball.
  5. Take your twine or string and tightly wrap it around the moss mall.
  6. Hang your kokedama or place it on a flat surface by flattening the bottom.
  7. Water the kokedama by dunking it in a bowl of water for 10-15 minutes at a time. The frequency at which you water the kokedama depends on the type of plant used.

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