How to get a flat belly with just 4 easy exercises you can do anywhere.

Forget sit ups. Forget 10 of this and 10 of That. Try this flat ab routine that you can do anywhere by Doug Bennett
Can you do this? Looks easy right??? Share and try this flat belly workout video exactly as seen 10x.

Here is your flat belly routine:
*10 crunch pulses heel down toes up
Stay in crunch entire time 10 seconds
* bring up feet toes pointed. Don’t come out of crunch. Again do 10 pulsing crunches
* hold crunch after 10th crunch and squeeze 10 seconds
* perform bicycle straight legs slowly 10 each side staying in crunch! Can u do it? ????You shouldn’t have come out of crunch at all…
* stay in crunch draw knees back and now kick legs straight! locked knee and flutter both legs pointed toes 10 x
* now do 3 push ups pulling up navel

Not done! Repeat all 5-10 X to get the flat belly fast.


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