How to gain muscle mass or Best products for sportsmen

Want to find out what athletes mean by “healthy eating”?


How to gain muscle mass or Best products for sportsmen.  How to gain weight or grow more muscle than fat? Then, with this list, go to the nearest store – you’ll find everything you need!  #losefat #gainmuscle #bestfoodsforweightlossHow to gain weight or grow more muscle than fat? Then, with this list, go to the nearest store – you’ll find everything you need!

1. Curds

One of top the best products for those who want to gain muscle mass. 100 g of curd cheese contains up to 22 g of protein. Also, the curd is also valuable due to its combination of “fast” and “slow” proteins.

2. Salmon

A great source of protein and omega-3s fatty acids, which helps to gain muscle mass faster. It is also worth pointing out that salmon can accelerate metabolism and attain the desired results faster if you are sticking to a diet.

3. Oats

Oatmeal is an indispensable part of a healthy diet. You should choose not flakes, but groats – they contain a lot of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly, which helps to feel better and maintain a stable blood sugar level.

4. Buckwheat

Another great product that helps to gain muscle. 100 g of buckwheat grains contains 18 g protein (biological value of more than 90%), as well as substances that enhance the blood circulation system. Buckwheat is a perfect supplement to your diet or for those who follow the diet, but it’s likely most appreciated product by athletes.

5. Beef – perfect product to gain weight.

With this meat, you will get a lot of necessary protein and low fat. Canadian scientists believe that keratin in beef increases muscle mass and at the same time reduces fat, increases stamina. Improves training time and helps recover after training.

6. Fish oil

It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to regain strength after heavy workouts so that training can be more frequent. Fish oil can also accelerate metabolism.

7. Turkey meat

Tasty and vitamin-rich meat – a source of protein, vitamins 11 and minerals.

8. Chicken breast

100 g chicken breast has 22 g protein and low fat. Of course, you need to eat without skin.

9. Water

With enough water, the body has more strength and energy; the digestive system works better.

10. Eggs

It has a lot of proteins (1 egg – about 6-8 g), vitamins, zinc, iron, and calcium. An essential part of the diet or muscle-building people, but it’s nothing new. The eggs also contain vitamin D for healthy muscle ligaments. But do not overdo it – we do not recommend eating more than ten eggs a week.

11. Cucumbers

Some of these vegetables are peeled off before eating; others eat raw. Avoid peeling cucumbers, because it contains materials that are necessary for your body’s connective tissue.

12. Chocolate milk

First – makes bones strong. Second, fat milk (3.5% is fat) is an excellent remedy for muscle aches. Well, you’ve heard about the benefits of dark chocolate more than once.

13. Almonds

Has a lot of easy to absorb vitamin E, which helps muscles recover after training. However, nuts better not overdose – two handfuls per day are enough. Did you know that almonds raise mood and help maintain a healthy heart?

14. Cherry juice

Cherries are one of the best natural painkillers, so their juice after the workout can be used to not only lettuce but … to ease the hangover.

15. Cress lettuce

Excellent source of vitamin C and iron – an element essential for muscle growth. Mix these salads with other greens (for example, you can choose Chinese cabbage and coriander), sprinkle with vegetable oil, vinegar, and lemon juice, and add whole grain bread with tuna.

16. Sesame Halvah – great supplement of sugar

Sesame seeds contain large amounts of zinc, essential for muscle tissue growth and protein synthesis. Now you know what to eat in the morning with a cup of coffee.

17. Tuna – is an answer how to gain weight?

It’s possible to replace meat in your menu with a can of Tuna. A pure protein source, without any unnecessary supplements.

18. Sunflower seeds

First, it is a good protein source. Secondly, they have a lot of vitamin E, which is needed for those who want to gain muscle mass. This antioxidant neutralizes the effect of free radicals on the muscles and helps to recover after training. It is possible to eat hulled or add into a salad.

19. Mackerel

Has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Immediately after the workout, the body is breaking down protein degradation. While you return home, the body will eat its own “steak,” it literally eats itself. Omega-3 prevents this process from slowing down until the body receives the necessary protein. Even if you have a sandwich with a fish for breakfast, it’s still going to be okay, if you have a workout later. With one fish you will get almost the full amount of vitamin C required per day.

20. Kiwis

Is Another useful muscle product. Just three fruits a day helps reduce the risk of diseases.

21. Pineapple

If after a workout you have eaten a steak – bite some canned pineapple (the organism will absorb the “foreign” proteins faster). Besides, bromelain inside pineapple reduces muscle aches after a hard workout.

22. Venison (deer meat)

It has a lot of proteins and vitamin B12 to help them absorb better. The ideal food for athletes (but do not forget to tender well – otherwise it will be hard).

23. Coffee

Helps to increase the duration of training and reduce muscle aches (i.e., you will be increase exercise difficulty or run longer). Coffee can also be replaced with green tea – and it’s best to give up energy drinks.

24. Ginger

One of the most natural pain relievers that help fight muscle soreness.

25. Natural Yogurt

Mix it with your favorite fruits and berries. It’s clear that it has a lot of protein and calcium, and bifidobacteria help fight depression.

26. Turmeric

Curcumin (a substance in this spice) stimulates the formation and growth of new cells, helps to “recover the shape” faster after training.

27. Papaya

Helps to break down proteins from food. The best, of course, would be to eat fresh but frozen is okay.

28. Sweet peppers

A good source of vitamin C, without which it is impossible to increase muscle mass. The more red pepper, the more it has vitamin C.

29. Lentils

It has the number of protein sources only less then soya and cannabis only. It contains a lot of iron and zinc – the elements necessary for all athletes.

30. Pasta

A good source of carbohydrates. Eat with meat and vegetables and not with sauces, butter, sour cream or cream.

31. Asparagus

One of the most protein-rich vegetables. There is also plenty of potassium necessary for the normal functioning of the circulatory system, zinc (essential for muscle) and fiber (useful for digestion).

32. Dried wheat

Has a lot of chromium (this element helps to absorb better glucose, which is the primary source of energy) and arginine (an amino acid that helps to provide muscle to the blood).

Hope this list will be your path to how to gain weight.
Be strong and healthy!

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