Home Workout Routine for Women To Burn Fat, Build a Butt and Shape Abs

Today’s home workout for women focuses on burning calories, sculpting your abs and shaping your butt.

Yes, you can get a complete home workout to transform any body part without having a gym membership.  Home workouts don’t have to be just burpees, lunges and air squats.

The most important part to making home workouts effective and getting results, which I don’t have to tell you, is your diet.

There are so many diets on the market.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Keto, Paleo, Whole 30…just to name a few, can all work.  How?  They make you aware of taking out the refined carbs, unnatural ingredients and unnecessary calories.  Yet, can you stick to these diets as a lifestyle diet?


Any diet will work if you have the necessary protein needed to build muscle while restricting your calorie intake.  Basically, burning more calories than your taking in.  Yes, calories still matter.  However, the foods you choose are your key to building lean, sculpted muscle.  I.E. eating 300 calories from a McDonalds Burger is not going to give you the same results as eating 300 calories of raw tuna.  I’m sure you understand.


Anyhow, lets get back to your home workout of the day.


I hope you start to put some of these workouts to use on this blog.  Below is another home workout for you to try.  Today’s home workout for women targets your butt, abs and burning calories, so you can eat :).


Oh yea, I took this sample workout below from my new course, Total Body Tone Up in 6 Weeks, now on Udemy.

So, if you like the workout below and want to get the complete program that includes a belly flattening diet, 6 weeks of cutting edge, day-by-day workouts for beginners or advanced fitness levels and a total cardio plan to get guaranteed results, then I’d recommend checking it out Today.

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Remember.  Fitness is a way of life and takes work plus the right knowledge.

Anyhow, enough rambling…

Here’s Your Daily Fitaction Workout :

4 Keys for This Home Workout for women (must read before starting):

  1. Perform at own risk.  Always Stop if you feel faint, dizzy or sick.  Call a medical professional immediately.  This is not a personal exercise prescription.
  2. Complete each action from top exercise to the last exercise (top to bottom) and repeat as directed based upon your fitness level i.e. beginner repeats the entire action (circuit) 2x, advanced repeats 4x.
  3. Once all exercises are repeated based upon your fitness level for that action, move onto the next action (i.e. Action 2) until the entire workout is complete.
  4. Challenge yourself with weights that make you work with intensity as same with cardio exercises.  Push yourself to a safe but effective level of intensity.


Repeat Cardio Circuit #3 Video Exercises: beginner repeat 2x, advanced repeat 4x

Side Hops (box, bench ) 1 min 2 min
Side To Side Hops Fast 1 min 1 min
Split Jumps w pump 10 each leg 25 each leg

Video for Action 1 (demo of all cardio exercises):



Repeat Abs Circuit #4 Video Exercises: beginner repeat 2x, advanced repeat 5 x

45 degree reverse leg lift 10 20
Hold at 45 degrees 30 sec 1 min
45 Degree Crunch 10 20
Bicycle 1 min 1 min
SIT UPS  with twist,twist 15 – 25 50

Video of Action 2 (demo of all ab exercises)


Repeat BUTT # 1, BEGINNER repeat 3X, ADVANCED repeat 5 X

WEIGHTED HIP RAISES (BRIDGE) 25 (10 – 25LBS) medicine ball or dumbbell 50 (10  – 25lbs) or 25 ( 30-50lbs)
GOOD MORNINGS 10 (5-12LBS) 10-15 (15-20LBS)

Video of Action 3 (demo of all butt exercises)

Have more energy and time to workout?

Beginners: power walk 1-2 miles

Advanced: Jog 1-3 miles


Start Your FREE 7 Day Total Body Home Workout Challenge!

Sign-Up below and Spark Your Metabolism.

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