Healthy Pasta dish in 15 minutes to get and stay fit

Scared of eating pasta because of the carbs?  Tired of pasta and plain old tomato sauce?  Well, now you can eat pasta while still losing weight and getting fit (obviously portion control is key).  This tasty and healthy pasta dish takes 15 minutes and taste gourmet.  The most important part of this meal are the ingredients.

You’ll need to go to Whole Foods Market to get the most important brands.  Purchase the following:

  • 1 container of Hope Organic Pesto Kale Hummus
  • 1 Box of Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta or Your Favorite Quinoa, Brown Rice or Lentil Pasta
  • 2 Organic Vine Ripened Tomatoes
  • 1 Bag of Organic Spinach

How to Prepare this Healthy Pesto Hummus Pasta Dish:

Sauté organic spinach and chopped organic tomato in tsp Evo or tad just water. Wilt and throw brown rice thin pasta on top. Mix well and add the magic 4 tsp. ” Hope : kale pesto hummus”. Mix again and you got a meal with a salad on the side.
Optional but recommend: you can also add few pinches fresh Parmesan and pinch chopped basil for making the healthy pasta.

So, good you’ll have to watch your portions. Train hard the next day and make those carbs work ????

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