Low Calorie Peach Bellini Summer Cocktail Recipe
  • 12 oz. of peach juice (1.5 cups/360ml)
  • - 10 oz. of champagne (1.25 cups/300ml)
  • - 1.5 cups of chopped peach chunks (12 oz./360g)
  • - ¾ cup of crushed ice (6 oz./180g)
  1. Add the peach chunks to the blender and blend until they become puréed.
  2. Once the peach chunks are fully puréed, pour an equal amount of the peach purée into each of the four large cocktail glasses.
  3. Add an equal amount of peach juice to each of the four large cocktail glasses and stir well with the cocktail spoon.
  4. Top each of the four large cocktail glasses with an equal amount of champagne and crushed ice and enjoy the low calorie Bellini.
Recipe by Jodeze Home and Garden at https://jodezehomeandgarden.com/low-calorie-peach-bellini-summer-cocktail-recipe/