Dragon Fruit Benefits for Hair Skin and Health

Dragon Fruit Benefits for Hair Skin and Health

If you love fruit, you would want to try out this exotic Dragon Fruit. I was in the store the other day and I seen this pink round thing in the fruit isle

and I thought what the heck is that.  I went home and searched for some pictures of this fruit, came up as Dragon Fruit.  So this is what I found out about

this fruit.

There are numerous health benefits of dragon fruit you never knew .  First of all  they have a cluster of small, black and edible seeds, and the fruit has a flavor that stands somewhat in between a kiwi and a pear, but with a crunchy texture.


Skin Benefits

Fights Signs Of Aging
Treats Acne
Soothes Sunburned Skin
Promotes Skin Health
Provides Essential Moisture To Dry Skin

Hair Benefits

Treats Colored Hair
Promotes Healthy Hair

Health Benefits

Lowers Blood Sugar
Improves Cardiovascular Health
Cuts Low Hemoglobin Risk
Helps In Weight Management
Prevents Cancer
Prevents Congenital Glaucoma
Boosts Immunity
Helps Suppress Arthritis Pain
Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy
Prevents Renal Bone Disease
Stronger Teeth And Bones
Is Good For Dengue Patients
Repairs Body Cells
Improves Appetite
Improves Vision
Boosts Brain Function
Cures Respiratory Disorders
Healthy Snack Option For Kids