DIY-Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman

DIY-Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman.

DIY-Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman.  Make a reversible wood slice porch decoration with pumpkins on one side and a snowman on the other.

This is a cute holiday craft can be used for both the fall and winter seasons!

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What You Will Need

Wood Slices: One Small, One Medium, One Large and One Base
Black, White, Orange and Dark Orange Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Felt Doll’s Hat (found in the doll clothing section next to the dollhouses)
Plaid Ribbon
Wooden Dowel
Electric Drill
2 inch Screw
Pumpkin Stem or Twig
Wood Glue or Hot Glue


Step 1: Begin by painting the centers of the small, medium and large wood slices with orange paint on one side. When that dries, flip the wood slices over and paint the back centers white.

Step 2: When the paint is completely dry, line up the wood slices to form a snowman shape and mark the centers where the wood slices touch with pencil marks. I used a square arm ruler to make sure my lines were straight.

Step 3: Using a drill bit that is the same size as your dowel, carefully drill holes into the sides of each of the wood slices and slip one dowel piece into each set of holes so they fit together. This is what will secure the wood slices together and allow them to be stacked sturdily on top of one another. Use a long screw to anchor the largest round to the base piece. Just drill up from the bottom.

Step 4: Use wood glue or hot glue to attach a twig or pumpkin stem to the top edge of your smallest wood slice (the one on top). This will act as a pumpkin stem on the pumpkin side of the craft and will be covered by the felt hat on the snowman side of the craft.

Step 5: Add the painted details! On the pumpkin side, I painted subtle veins in the pumpkins with the darker orange paint. Then I added a few faux fall leaves in just for a little extra cuteness.

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