Now that it is cold, windy & raining, it is the time to start our Spring gardens! Let’s begin by making seed tapes that we can do indoors where it is dry and warm. Seed tapes are easy and inexpensive to make and make your planting easier especially with small seeds like, carrots, lettuce and beets.

Instructions :  Making Seed Tape for Carrots
1. For the paper that you will be gluing the seeds to, I prefer a roll of standard 2 inch wide crepe paper, it’s easy to roll and you can purchase it at the dollar store. You can use toilet paper or black and white newspaper.  You will need a chopstick or a pin head pointed stick, a small container of Elmers glue.

Lay the strip of paper, 18-24 inches and dab a small dot of glue every 2 inches on your paper of your choice and on the top edge, do the same on the bottom edge, start 1 inch from the end so it makes like a zig zag design and you will end up with double the carrots than you would before with one row.  Dip the tip of your stick in water, (shake off big drops) and touch one of the seeds, then place it on one of the glue dots, and continue until you have them all placed.  The seeds should adhere without falling off. When the seeds are dry after a couple hours, roll them up fairly tight and place in a dark pill like bottle with a tight lid and mark the bottle what seeds they are, store the bottle in a cool dark place until ready to plant. This is a fun Winter project and when planting time comes, they will be ready to go into the ground.



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