SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, AND FUN!  GIFT baskets have been done every possible way I could think of so I decided to think outside of the basket.

“Orange” You Glad It’s Christmas?

Red and green are so predictable this time of year! 🙂 Add a little pizazz to the holiday with a splash of orange! Orange is such a happy color! This gift in a jar is limited only by your imagination (and the selection of orange items you can come up with.)

Guy Food In A Jar

Guys are such simple creatures. Don’t believe me?  With the “simple” thing in mind, I added bottles of soda, queso, beef jerky, and a candy bar to a jar and called it good. I know any of MY guys would love it!

Ice Cream Party In A Jar

It’s hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive an ice cream party in a jar! After I had taken the pictures for this I came up with the idea of adding a tag that says “Just Add Ice Cream.” Cute huh?  Great gift for the kids.

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