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Pineapple Summertime Sake Cocktail Drink

This Pineapple Summertime Sake Cocktail is a nice way to introduce sake to novices and a new way for seasoned sake lovers to enjoy the rice wine, meets the classic American martini in this exotic cocktail enhanced with the sweet taste of pineapple! Lets Shake up your happy hour with a pineapple sake-tini!!! What is

Homemade Red Summer Sangria

Cool off with a glass of homemade red summer Sangria. Our easy, flavorful version is bursting with the citrusy taste of McCormick® Pure Lime Extract, peaches and strawberries. Homemade Red Summer Sangria   Save Print   Ingredients 1 bottle (750 mililiters) red wine 1 cup quartered fresh strawberries 1 cup sliced peaches ½ cup orange

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

People love drinking alkaline water for its ultra-hydrating, pH-balancing abilities. Alkaline water is different from tap because it’s less acidic—it has a pH over seven, meaning that it has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions. Starting your morning routine off with this healthy drink can aid your body in detox, weight loss, and more health-boosting benefits.

Peachy Iced Tea Sangria

This Peachy Iced Tea Sangria has a fruity twist on iced tea that’s packed with delicious summer berries and peaches.     Peachy Iced Tea Sangria   Save Print   Ingredients 5 cups cold water 1 cup orange juice 1 pkt. (makes 2 qt. drink) or 2 pkt. (makes 1 qt. drink each) Peach Flavor Iced

Strawberry Kiwi Mock Margarita

A strawberry kiwi flavor drink mix means there’s no slicing or dicing required to make these refreshing, 5-minute mock margaritas. Strawberry Kiwi Mock Margarita   Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Save Print   Ingredients 1-1/2 cups cold water 1 cup cold orange juice 2 Tbsp. lime juice 1 pkt. (makes 2 qt.

A Fun and Sparkly Snack: Unicorn Bark Recipe

Unicorn Bark with pastel swirls and all kinds of colorful, sparkling candy pearls and sprinkles! Serve it at a shower, gift it as a party favor, or use it to decorate cakes or cupcakes. Candy should be fun, and this Unicorn Bark never fails to make me smile!