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What is CBD and it’s Benefits?

What Exactly is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that is identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of medicinal benefits due to clinical reports and mounds of test data showing little to no side effects and a lack of

How To Make Shimmering Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be an amazing eye-enhancer, but if you are using an eye shadow loaded with toxic ingredients. This is why you might want to Make Your Own Shimmering Eye Shadow. Choosing the right products, or making your own with the right ingredients, can give you the best natural skin care and beauty products.

How To Use Vinegar To Sooth A Sunburn

Oh Yes, Summer means lots of out-of-doors time. Whether at beaches, bbqs, hanging out in the park or at the pool.  most people catch more sun rays this season than other times of the year.  If you aren’t apply your sunscreen all the time you will mostly likely get a sunburn.  Did you know that

Boil Lemons At Night And Drink the Water In The Morning

Boil Lemons At Night And Drink the Water In The Morning when you first wake up and see shocking effects it will do for your body.   It’s important how you start your day to live a a healthy life. Drinking warm lemon water in the mornings is a popular drink these days, but drinking just fresh

Muscle Aloe Jelly Essential Oil

Muscle Aloe Jelly might just be one of our favorite body care products of all time. The perfect icy/hot combination after a long workout or worry-some day, our Muscle Aloe Jelly is a combination of soothing and relaxing essential oils mixed perfectly with hydrating aloe jelly.  You can get the directions and ingredients HERE  

Soft Colors For Bigger Looking Eyes

I have small eyes and hooded lids, the worst combination of them all, but there is a trick, which can help you figure it out exactly what kind of makeup designs you can apply to your lids. This trick is all about researching. You know that there are a lot of makeup artists on YouTube