The Best 15 minute Home Heavy Bag Boxing Workouts For Women To Lose Weight

Losing weight at home for women over 30 can be challenging.  The best cardio and weight loss workout for women to increase their fitness and burn calories is a heavy bag boxing workout for home.  Home workouts are very effective when they combine  cardio workouts, body weight workouts, weight training workouts and boxing for fitness workouts.

The Best at home heavy bag boxing workout for women shown below  includes all of these workouts to lose weight, get fit and burn calories.  You’ll need a heavy bag, 2: 2lbs dumbbells and boxing gloves.  See below for your best option for purchase on Amazon:

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Follow along with Jen in the boxing video to burn calories, learn boxing with a heavy bag, perform body weight exercises after the complete heavy bag training session and punch away with two: 2lb dumbbells to tone and define your arms, core and shoulders.

Basic Boxing Punches For Women To Learn Boxing (all based upon a right hand fighter, i.e. your strong arm to throw a knock out punch is the right hand).

Boxing Stance (regular):  Left Foot Leads and Right Foot is Back.  Start with feet hip distance apart.  Step straight Back with your right foot.  Now turn both feet 45 degrees.  Now, your Left shoulder should face your opponent and your right shoulder should be back with your  right hand on your face.  The key to good boxing foot work is to always stay in this stance when moving lateral or forward and back.  Knees slightly bent and feet always under hips with equal pressure dependent on punch.

Hand and Arm Position In the Boxing Stance:  Start by placing arms up over head and palms facing each other.  Now bring arms straight down to your sides and place hands on side of face (right hand next to right ear, left hand on left side of face) at eye level.  Elbows kept close to sides and pulled in so elbow and arm protect ribs and sides of body.  Important when moving that you don’t let your elbows float out away from your body and your hands drop below your chin.

Right Hand (straight right), knock out punch,  #2:  Throwing a straight right initiates with a pivot of your right foot on the ball of the foot.  Pivoting towards your target will turn your knee, then hip and then your shoulder and arm follow.  At contact make sure to turn your fist over so the knuckles hit the target.  Your hand goes from palm facing your cheek to turning it over as your arm straightens out towards the target.  Right before your boxing glove hits the target, turn your hand over so your palm is now facing the ground and only your front knuckles hit the target.  Importantly, try to almost lock out your arm to full extension to create power and leverage.  Now, snap your punch back to your body quickly.  The straight right goes straight out and straight back in.

Left Hand Jab, # 1:  Throw the jab right off your face with your left hand.  There is no pivot off your back foot.  The left hand jab goes from your chin to your target quickly.  Again, you turn your hand over so your palm faces the ground when throwing the boxing jab.  This is more of a snapping punch.  Step with your lead leg (left foot) while your throw your jab as this will give both power and stability.  When return your punch back to your face, your lead leg will also go back into the regular stance.  There are different types of jabs.  The heavy weight boxing workout video below will demonstrate the different boxing trainings of the jab.

Are you ready to follow Jen in the heavy bag boxing workout?  Well, push play below and start punching away to get fit and burn calories.

Perform this heavy bag boxing workout below and all workouts at your own risk.  Always consult your medical professional before starting any workout to lose weight and get fit.

Make sure to take your time and learn this best heavy bag boxing workout.  The better you get at punching, the more challenging the boxing workout for weight loss will be.

After performing this boxing workout video above. You can repeat it again and/or perform the following calorie burning body weight and body toning exercises below:

  • Jump Rope 3 minutes
  • Hammer Curls with 2lbs for 1 minute
  • Straight Punches up High with 2lb dumbbells each hand for  1 minute
  • Burpees 20-3o reps or Star Jumps 50 reps
  • Push Ups 20-50 on knees
  • Squats 25-100 reps

Hope you enjoyed this home boxing workout to help you lose weight, get fit, learn boxing  and burn calories.

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