5 top ab exercises to get a flat belly and six pack abs!

Do you want flat, tone abs? Well, if you’re like most women, you’re probably hoping to have the flat belly and six pack abs. Yet, getting a flat tummy takes work and dedication. Before I show you 5 top ab exercises to get a better waistline. Lets talk about diet. First, your diet has to be clean and your calorie intake should be lower then your daily calorie expenditure. A negative calorie deficit allows you to lose unwanted fat around your waist. The best ab diet consist of a daily intake of 3-4 ounces lean proteins (3-4x), small fruit (1-2x), 1-2 cups veggies (2-3x), 8 ounces water (8-12x) and 6 ounces greens (1-2x). Eliminate all refined sugars, added salt, baked goods and artificial chemicals. A calorie intake of 1200-1800 based upon your activity, age, body composition etc… You must feed your muscles with a positive nitrogen supply (lean protein supply) for them to become lean and tight. Remember your abs are made of muscle.

Second, adding ab toning exercises to your weekly routine, every other day is also very important. The video included in this post incorporates 5 great ab exercises that you can perform for 30 seconds – minute each every other day. In addition, lift heavy weights for fewer sets to create lean muscles which will help ignite your metabolism.

Obviously, the above information is not the complete answer but hopefully will motivate you to start eating a clean diet, lifting weights and performing cardio to get the abs you desire.
Below are 5 top ab exercises to help you get great looking abs.

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