7 Best Christmas Cookies

Get 7 Best Christmas Cookies for your Christmas or Office Party.

7 Best Christmas Cookies


Caramel Apple Cookies. The cookie itself is soft and a bit cake-like.

It pairs perfectly with the frosting and crunchy toasted pecans RECIPE  HERE


Yummy Homemade Molasses Cookies. Recipe for soft and chewy, gingerbread style, cookies.

So delicious you may want to make a double batch. The kids and Santa will love them.   RECIPE  HERE



Red Velvet Sugar Cookies: This holiday add a new cookie to your repertoire.

make cookie cut-outs using a chocolate red dough instead of a plain sugar cookie dough.   RECIPE  HERE


Cinnamon Swirl Cookies.  Delicious cinnamon cookie recipe with a sweet topping.

Makes a great Thanksgiving or Christmas treat.  RECIPE  HERE.


Easy Lemon Butter Cookies.  Lemon Butter Cookies taste just like a delicate

lemony pastry cookie from the best bakery in town.  RECIPE  HERE


Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies.  Deliciously mocha flavored when McCormick®

Pure Coffee Extract is added to the cookie dough.  RECIPE  HERE.


Thin Mints Cookies.  Love Girl Scout Thin Mints…

Who doesn’t? Our recipe tastes identical.  RECIPE  HERE

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