Why Are You Not Losing Weight even with Exercise?

Why Are You Not Losing Weight even with Exercise?

OMG this is so me.. Why are you not losing weight even with exercise? That’s the question everyone wants to know, Right?

When you are eager to lose weight, trying different diets and exercise routines might be what you think is the right thing to do. But sometimes these methods can help a person losing weight or even increase weight! The fact is, the body can only losing weight when it is burning more calories than what it is taking in.

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There are reasons why you might not be losing weight even though you are doing plenty of exercise.

It is possible to break through that plateau where your weight has come to a standstill – you can get things moving again though. It is common for the scale not to budge for a few days. Happens all the time for me.

The scale might not even budge for a few weeks at a time even, but this does not mean you are not losing fat. The thing is, bodyweight does fluctuate by a few pounds, depending on the foods you eat, as well as hormones which also can have a major effect on how much water your body is retaining.

It is possible that you have gained muscle because you have started exercising. This is a good thing, because the bottom line, you really want to lose body fat, not just lose weight. A good idea is to use something else rather than just your scale to keep a track of your progress. I am so guilty of jumping on that scale every morning and then being disappointed.

So now I try to not get on the scales but on Friday’s.  I also see and feel how my clothes are fitting me, I usually always can tell if my weight loss is up or down by the way my clothes fit.

Are you keeping track of what you are eating?

There were some foods I was eating that I thought were low in calories and I had no clue how many calories were in a serving. One of them was sunflower seeds, I love them on my salads.

Remember, it’s proteins that really are the weight-loss foods.

This was a learning lesson for me, but so true, proteins keep you fuller longer.

Protein foods reduce your desire to snack and give in to your cravings. A very good idea is to load up on proteins at breakfast time.


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