Burn Calories and Tone Your Legs In 15 Minutes

Burn Calories and Tone Your Legs In 15 Minutes

This 15-minute leg workout is going to show you how to get toned, fit and firm legs while helping you burn calories and fat right at home. Now, you can get fit and tone fast while your kids are napping or when you’re on lunch break at work. Just make sure you have enough time for a shower :).

Burn Calories and Tone Your Legs In 15 Minutes. This 15-minute leg workout is going to show you how to get toned, fit and firm legs while helping you burn calories and fat right at home. #tonelegs #legexercise


You’ll need no gym machines or fancy gizmos.
Here’s What You’ll Need for this home dumbbell routine Leg Workout For Women:

  1. 15 to 30 minutes
  2. Bosu
  3. Dumbbells (5-15lbs.)
  4. Motivation
  5. Exercise Mat
  6. No knee or lower back injury

Perform at own risk!


How to perform this leg workout  (plus leg exercises) for women at home:

1. Run FAST High Knee 2 minutes
High Knees: make sure to swing arms while running knees at hip level. Tap fast as if running over hot coals. Give it all you got.

2. Circle Taps On Bosu or Medicine Ball 2 minutes
Circle Taps: tap ball of feet fast on top of ball or bosu while circling, clockwise and counter clock-wise for time. Speed is key.

3. Star Jumps 50 reps
Star Jumps: tuck as if downhill skiing. Spring up high using legs and shoot arms and legs out straight (don’t do a side raise with arms) punch arms up and out. Before hitting ground bring feet and hands in. Land soft into a squat. Repeat.

4. Jumping Jacks 1 min
Jumping Jacks: bring arms up overhead while jumping feet out. MAKE A FIST (shapes shoulders and makes jumping jacks harder). Perform quickly and make sure arms go overhead and to thighs every rep.

5. Star Jumps 50 reps

6. Alternate Lunges holding (10-15 lbs.) 25 each side
Alternate lunges: feet hip distance as if walking. Hold dumbbells by side. Step straight out and once front heel hits the ground, drop back knee down to 1-2 inches from the floor. Front footsteps out far enough so when the front heel hits the ground, the front knee does not bend to lunge over the front toe. If so, step out further. Make sure you place all pressure on the front wheel, not toes and push back off the front heel to stand straight up as this works your bum.

7. Stationary Lunge Pulses with dumbbells (10-15 lbs.) 25 each side
Stationary Lunge: same as lunge but movement comes from dropping down and rising up while your back foot is elevated on bosu or box. Place back football of foot on strong support 3-5 inches off ground, drop back knee down and up while emphasizing squeezing quads. Hold dumbbells by your side.

8. Lunge Pulses 25 -50 each side
Lunge Pulses: start in the lunge position and pulse knee up and down 1 inch from the ground to 3-4 inches from the ground and back down the entire time. Make sure feet are hip distance apart! Emphasize front thigh (quad). Push off the front heel, not toes.

9. Run Fast High Knee 1 minute

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10. Plie Squat Pulses with dumbbells (5-15lbs) 1 min
Plie Squat Pulses: feet wider than hip distance. Toes pointed out. Pressure on heels. Place dumbbells on upper thighs and squat down low. Stay low and pulse up and down with back up straight. Emphasize pulsing down and up the entire time.

11. Squat N Press w dumbbells (5-15 lbs.)
Squat N Press: start with feet hip distance apart. Hold dumbbells directly over the shoulder in a vertical position. Squat and while pressing up off the heels simultaneously drive dumbbells up overhead for a shoulder press. Note: bring dumbbells back to shoulder before squatting. Make sure you squat back on heels not toes, heels shouldn’t lift off of the floor. If heels do lift, widen feet and turn toes slightly out.

11. Mountain Climbers Inward 2 min
Mountain Climbers (inward) push-ups position. Drop hips. Pressure on arms. Bring one foot up and knee in while other foot goes back straight. Make sure both balls off feet hit the ground at the same time. Don’t!! Leave the front foot dangling in the air. Hit the ball of foot into the ground!

After Completing the entire workout, Run 1 mile and Perform 5 x 25-yard sprints or 5 x 30 seconds on the treadmill with 30-second rest between each sprint.

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