11 Everyday products that increase Cancer risk

11 Everyday products that increase Cancer risk

Here are the 11 major cancer risk factors




11 Everyday products that increase Cancer risk. A lot of things can increase the risk of cancer, on the other hand, some, according to scientists, are more harmful to health. #anticancer #cancer
A lot of things can increase the risk of cancer, on the other hand, some, according to scientists, are more harmful to health.

1. Salted meat, fish, pickled products


In salted fish, a lot of nitrates and nitrites – these carcinogens can cause cancer. These chemicals cause damage to the DNA, which can lead to head and neck diseases.
For example, according to the UK Cancer Research Institute, the Chinese or their descendants living in Britain are more likely to suffer from cancer of the nasopharynx than other ethnic groups, because their diets are rich in salted meat and fish dishes. Drinking lots of pickled vegetables will increase the risk of stomach cancer.

2. Sugar


Scientists have already investigated that excessive sweeteners not only cause diabetes but also damage the cells and increase the risk of cancer. And that’s not all; new research has shown that sugar stimulates the growth of tumors in the body because it is like a fuel for cancer. Johann Thevelein, a molecular biologist in Belgium, made this conclusion after 2017. A study conducted on “Extremely high levels of sugar use create a vicious cycle of cancer cells stimulating their growth.” This new study gave an insight into the interactions between sugar and cancer and could encourage physicians to develop diet plans for patients.

3. Some types of plastic – BPA


Plastic is dangerous, especially when chemicals are released through cracks.
BPA Chemical is a synthetic estrogen that has been added to many plastic and rubber species since the 1960s. BPA disrupts the functioning of the endocrine system – it balances hormones. The BPA can be sealed in various metal objects, plastic water bottles, and food storage boxes. BPA is even on the glossy side of the labels – it stabilizes the ink. Many plastic manufacturers already say that their products are free of BPA, but there is still plenty of chemotherapy for this breast and prostate malignancy.

4. Processed foods


All foods sold in sealed plastic packs and valid for several months are a quick solution for the hungry but could increase the risk of tumor. Recently researcher has shown that more people who eat processed foods have been more likely to have cancer.
It is not yet determined whether the disease is caused by food stabilizers, or plastic packaging, or a combination of these two things. It is likely that there may be more factors.

5. Cigarettes


The tobacco industry is still trying to cover it, but we have long known that tobacco smoke contains at least 70 cancer causing chemicals. Not only smokers are at risk – but everyone else respiring cigarette smoke is also at risk.
Researchers of Disease Control and Prevention center announced that the risk of lung cancer increases by 20-30 percent for those who smoke at home or work. And for lovers of chewing tobacco, the probability to get lung cancer is even higher.

6. Fried, roasted meat


The fried meat on the grill above the fire is delicate, soft, but it increases the risk of cancer. It’s because meat muscle contains heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. When beef, chicken or fish is baked over an open flame or in a frying pan, high feces produce fats and juices that burn dangerous chemicals that come into the meat that we eat later. Laboratory studies have shown that these chemicals change the DNA so that tumor can occur.

7. Alcohol


Regular consumption of strong alcoholic beverages increases the risk of liver cancer, throat cancer, breast, and colon cancer. According to the American National Cancer Research Institute, the risk of cancer is proportional to the quantity of alcohol you drink – the more alcohol, the higher the risk.

8. Contraceptive pills


Birth control pills (CP) increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer but reduce the risk of uterine, ovarian or colon tumor.

9. Processed meat products – ham, sausages


Unfortunately, The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that processed meat products such as hot dogs, ham, sausages can cause cancer. It’s is because to preserve the products and give the taste, the meat is processed in various ways – salted, preserved, fermented, smoked. Also, according to WHO, red meat can increase the risk of malignancy (for example, colon).

10. Acrylamide resulting from the baking or roasting of certain foods


Fried meat above the open fire can increase the risk of cancer, and some foods with roasting at high temperatures produce a chemical acrylamide, for example roasted bread, coffee beans, marshmallows, and the like. The so-called Maillard reaction takes place and acrylamide forms.
The dose of acrylamide in one cup of coffee probably will not kill you – this chemical is dangerous only in high doses.  Recently coffee makers in California have been warned to print a warning on the risk of cancer on packaging, although some scientific studies show that coffee is beneficial to health, even strengthens the heart. 2018 A review of several studies involving 330,000 people concluded that coffee stabilizes heartbeat after heart attacks and those with cardiac arrhythmias.
Researchers have pointed out that a large amount of coffee (9-10 cups) can cause heart problems, but fewer than six cups of coffee per day should not harm.

11. Solarium


Health professionals say sunbathing up to 35 years old, increases the risk of melanoma up to 75%.
It is also risky to sunbath in the sun, apply sun protection or stay in the shade.

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