Losing Weight Can Relieve Joint Pain

Losing Weight Can Relieve Joint Pain

Losing Weight can be a pain in you know what… But not losing Weight like those extra pounds can become even more painful to your joints, as it’s the main cause of joint pain. More than two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight or obese.

“Joints in your body’s lower half, particularly your knees, back, and hips carry most of your weight load,” says Robert Bolash, MD, a specialist in Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Pain Management. “That’s why years of carrying around excess weight can cause achy, swollen, stiff joints and even full-blown osteoarthritis.”

Losing Weight Can Relieve Joint Pain, but not losing those extra pounds can become even more painful to your joints. #loseweight #weightloss #jointpain

Osteoarthritis is described as a condition where the cartilage between joints wears away, resulting in less cushioning for the bones and a lot of pain. In most cases, it affects the knee and occurs among women more than men.

Studies consistently show that overweight people have higher rates of joint pain than people who aren’t overweight.

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Here Are a Few Tips on How Losing Weight Can Reduce Joint Pain.

Reduce Stress On Your Joints
If you have weight-induced joint pain, losing weight and taking stress off your joints may ease your symptoms. Low impact exercises like stationary or recumbent bicycles, elliptical trainers, or exercise in the water help keep joint stress low while you move. Apply a heating pad. Heat can relax your joints and muscles and relieve any pain you have before you begin.

Water Exercises
Swimming, water aerobics, and walking laps are good options. These kind of exercises are easier on your joints, ( I know, I had a Hip Replacement and water exercise was so much easier on my hip.

“In water, your body floats, and you take much of the weight off your joints so moving them doesn’t hurt as much,” “Water also provides resistance that allows you to activate muscles without burdening your joints.”

Start Moving
The best treatment for joint pain is stopping it before it starts. Protect your hips and knees for the long-term by lightening your load. If you need to lose a little weight or a lot of losing weight, get moving now before moving gets you. Get a good pair of walking shoes and start walking.

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