10 Healthy Products – What Too Can Kill You

10 Deadly products in your kitchen


10 Healthy Products - What Too Can Kill You. 10 Deadly products in your kitchen. #healthy #toxicfood

Pie and chocolate are not healthiest, but did you ever thought that we could overdose healthy food, as well? So-called natural products can also be toxic and contain dangerous carcinogenic substances that are not enough to wash.

Have you ever thought that a beautiful apple could be a source of poison? One or a few – of course not, but you should not eat apple seeds. Tea from fresh tomatoes, potato leaflets or twigs is also a harmful drink.


Various nutritionally-used plants are “harassed” by oxalates, glycolic alcohols, carcinogens, mycotoxins, nitrates, nitrosamines, and other toxic compounds. In each case, the harm caused by the substance depends on the taken quantities.

Although many vegetarians or vegans tend to associate products of animal origin with diseases, and vegetables on the other side – Healthy food nutrition – to longevity, and wellbeing, but are the latter are so “healthy” for our body.

While visiting an exotic country, you decide to eat a fresh almond or nutmeg; you should not do it. Freshness can also be a source of poison. For the consumer’s safety, many products are industrially processed.

1. Popcorns from Microwave – Diacetyl


Popcorns itself is healthy food but the package contains toxic chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid, what is known to have an impact on infertility and the appearance of cancer compounds.

Studies have shown that a microwave-heated bag releases these chemicals, and the latter get into the snack. Manufacturers have promised to abandon these chemicals by 2015. It is also said that butter flavored cakes contain diacetyl – flavorings that release toxic fumes, but they are more dangerous for everyday traders who produce them.

2. Fruit seeds and pits – Cyanides


Cyan Hydrochloric Acid (HCN) compounds are found in apple seeds, cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and plums. The American Medical Association (AMA) states that excessive amounts of eaten apple seeds and other fruits can be fatal to the human body. As it is poisoned with toxic cyanogen glycosides or cyanides. The exact lethal dose has not been determined. Swallowed apple seeds are usually not harmful to adults, but for children are noxious – 15 apricot kernels can kill them. Poisons can increase sweating, abdominal pain, vomiting and somnolence, and in severe cases, seizures, urinary incontinence, coma or even death. Apples are advisable to eat not only without seeds but also making juices or baking them; it is better to remove harmful pome. It is not recommended to chew or otherwise crush the kernels of the Cherries; it does contain cyanhydric acid (hydrogen cyanide). It should be noted that for apple “protection, ” there are up to 40 different types of pesticides, so it is necessary to thoroughly wash the fruits, or choose an alternative – organic products.

3. Elderberry – Cyanide


Plant blossoms and honeyberries are used for food and medicinal products in perfumery, but other parts of the flower – roots, stems, and leaves – are dangerous for food use. Non-full-fruited fruits are somewhat harmful and irritate the stomach. Heat-treated berries are risk-free to eat does contain any poisonous substances.

4. Rhubarb – Oxalates


The malic acid in rhubarb gives it a typical taste. Especially high levels of vitamin C and Iron containing stalks must not be cut but twisted. It should be peeled and eaten raw or cooked. Leaves are not edible because they include a lot of toxic substances. Monocal oxalic acid is found not only in rhubarb but also in common sorrel and wood sorrel. The excess of this acid irritates the walls of the digestive tract, can lead to a nutritional deficiency in the body. The bulk use of this weed is harmful. In dried rootstocks and roots without flavonoids, tannins, anthracene derivatives there are anthraquinone glycosides that act as diarrhea. Many different medicinal products are made of rhubarbs. Eating rhubarb is only possible in the spring, as the amount of toxic acetic acid in plants and leaves increases in summer.

5. Tomatoes a healthy food, but they contain – Glycoalkaloids


Tomato is a valuable food for the body, but poisonous glycine alkaloids that cause gastric mucus in stomach and disorder of the nervous system – are leaves and stem. It is a carcinogen, which affects the central nervous system, resulting in inflammation of the kidneys. The lather could be used during food preparation – while cooking or boiling – do not forget to remove it before serving. It gives a delicate taste to food and carcinogens remain low.

6. Potatoes – Glycoalkaloids


Like tomatoes, potatoes accumulate toxic substances in stems and leaves, but they can also be found in vegetable itself. While the potatoes are green, it contains a high concentration of glycosalcohols. Although it rarely gets poisonous, it does happen – the person is nauseous, vomiting, diarrhea, faster heartbeat, shortness of breath, seizures, and in the most severe cases, it becomes unconscious. There were some deaths over the last 50 years due to potatoes. The reason is the consumption of green potatoes or drinking tea from potato plant leaves. It should be kept dark. Otherwise, they will sprout and later become poisonous. Potatoes that are continuously are sprayed with fungicides and pesticides absorb these as well.

7. Chili pepper – Capsaicin


There are about 400 types of chili pepper in the world, and the hotness varies greatly. Chili peppers contain an active chemical – capsaicin, which also makes a burning feeling in the mouth. One or more chili peppers will not be harmful, but an overdose may cause abdominal pain, irritation, or even death. If burning is too intensive, it can be quelled by dairy products, especially with sweet ice cream or yogurt. Chili pepper stems and leaves are poisonous, too. However, capsaicin medicaments are used to relieve pain, and also have anti-tumor properties. The classic Tabasco sauce is considered “weak,” and Jalapeno pepper is three times as “hotter,” but twice as weak as Serrano. Habanero pepper is 140 times greater than the jalapeno, and its capsaicin can irritate the skin by simply cutting pepper in half. This chemical is so active that it is used in tear gasses.

8. Mushrooms and molds – Mycotoxins


Poisonous mushrooms, the core of mycotoxins, can be found on the corns, peanuts, barley, wheat, oat, and bean mold layer. Poisoning can lead to various ailments, hallucinations, severe sweating, vomiting, abdominal cramps, seizures, coma, and even death.

The only advice is not to pick the mushrooms in the forest, which you are not completely sure about. The edible and toxic fungi have a similar appearance, but the latter is slightly different in color, size, shape, and parameters of the cap. Cereal products and nuts should be stored in a cool, dry place, and should not be used for more than several months. About 38,000 mushroom species are known worldwide, about 5% are poisonous (toxic).

9. Bitter almonds – Glycosides


Almonds are one of the most useful seeds of the plant, but not the nut, as most of you think. Most commonly found type – bitter almond, it contains a large amount of toxic material, which is removed only by heat treatment of the seed – roasting, boiling and chopping.

The amount of poison is the same as in apricot dice. All sold almonds are heat treated. Meanwhile, sweet and thin almonds can be enjoyed without the prior treatment.

10. Cashew – poisonous resins

Cashew nuts contain a lot of iron, potassium, and zinc, it is recommended for those with heart problems. However, you should not eat them fresh straight from the trees in exotic lands – the fruit shell has poisonous resins and is not edible. Picked up ​nut shells are first treated with high-temperature steam or opened with special tools. These nuts can only be bought off the shelf. Most often ailments are felt by the staff handling them.

The list contains healthy food, but remember that If you exceed what a normal, healthy, correct, proper, etc… whatever level of anything, then it immediately becomes worse for you.

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