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How to Propagate Succulents

Learn how to Propagate Succulents so you have lots of babies for many succulent DIY Projects. Color isn’t hard to come by with a landscape full of succulents; neither is texture or form. Mix and match succulents to create an inspiring scene.  This video even has information in it that I didn’t even know.  I

How To Build A Vertical Wall Garden

 You are going to Love this gardening project on How To Build A Vertical Wall Garden. This is a garden project that I am sure gonna tackle.  Jim creates two easy vertical garden projects using clay pots for herbs, flowers and vegetables.  You can purchase your clay pots at the dollar store to keep cost

Homemade Slug Be Gone Brew

I think most gardeners could write a book on slugs and what they do to your garden. I have tried everything from beer traps to slug bait. I’ve gone back to just using a homemade 3 ingredient slug bait. They sure eat more than their share, and really love hostas. I also hunt for them

How to Make a Perfect Lawn With No Weeds

A beautiful lawn can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your property as well as making your garden a more pleasant place to relax and unwind. A front lawn is a particularly important feature in any home as it is the first thing that guests will see when they come up your

How To Grow Garlic From A Single Clove

Garlic products are used as sources of medicine in many ways in human beings in their day today life. As a result, researchers from various disciplines are now directing their efforts towards discovering the medicinal values of garlic on human health. The primary reasons behind its potent medicinal effects is a sulfur compound called allicin, which

DIY-Apple & Oranges Birdseed Garland

Hey guys! This is a super fun (and easy) way to feed the birds! I just cut up some fruit that had been sitting on my counter, spread some peanut butter on the apples then dipped them in bird seed. I used a plastic yarn needle and garden twine to string them all together, and

25 Indoor Succulent DIY Project Ideas

Love the look of plants but can’t seem to keep them alive? Meet the succulent. They have an unique ability to store water so you don’t need to water them very often. They grow well as in deserts as in coastal locales. They have incredible tolerance of moderate light and low humidity. That makes them

8 Best Healing Herbs Just For You

  8 best healing herbs just for you in this article.  We also explain the healing benefits from these herbs.  I hope you find this article useful and share this with your friends and family.   Cinnamon:   Cinnamon is a powerhouse of antioxidant strength that can fight cancer, neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and


These adorable ladybug painted rocks, which you can keep outside in your garden, inside for decoration or put in flower pots.  This tutorial is fun and easy peasy, kids would have a blast making these.  


Now that it is cold, windy & raining, it is the time to start our Spring gardens! Let’s begin by making seed tapes that we can do indoors where it is dry and warm. Seed tapes are easy and inexpensive to make and make your planting easier especially with small seeds like, carrots, lettuce and