Are Essential Oils Safe For Children?

Are Essential Oils Safe for Children?
Many parents have wondered — and even stressed — about this question. That’s why Plant Therapy created our line of Kid Safe essential oil synergies. Formulated for children ages 2–10, Kid Safe features a variety of synergies targeted toward specific issues and ailments common in children. Formulated by internationally regarded aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand, we put safety first. All are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils as well as pre-diluted roll-ons. You can be confident that Kid Safe by Plant Therapy is the sensible choice for your young children. Help your child live a happier, healthier life with Kid Safe by Plant Therapy.  Here are some different ways you can use these essential oils for kids.

What is a Synergy Blend and why is it so important in aromatherapy?  When the word synergy is taking to it’s roots – “Syn” meaning together and “ergon” means work. A simple definition for “synergy” as used in aromatherapy is the working together of two essential oils that result in a greater way than their individual effects.  Synergy blends have been created in order to promote specific benefits such as for relaxing, alertness, respiratory, sleeping, tummy ache, and the list goes on and on.  Here you can see all the different KidSafe Essential Oils that come in singles, roll ons, and my favorite, Aroma Plush.  We not only have KidSafe Essential Oils, but also have Body Care  and Essential Oils for Women and Men, Gift Sets , Accessories and don’t forget to look at our new products.

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