How To Make A Compost Bin (DIY)

How To Make A Compost Bin out of Wood Pallets is great for gardeners. 

Composting is the gardener’s way of recycling old plant material into rich, soil-nourishing compost. Plants love it!

Wooden pallets are often free to source and are the perfect size for making a large compost bin.

I compost all the time my kitchen scraps, well some of them. I don’t have a compost bin, but I do have a compost pile.

I live in the country and have a big fenced field that our horse Billy roams around in.

I dump my kitchen scraps over the fence in the field and then when I need to put down new soil in the flower beds it is all ready for me to use.

Thing you will need:




Corner Brackets

Chicken Wire 


Watch the Video Below for Instructions on how to Make a DIY Compost Bin.

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Free pallets can be found in a great variety of places where pallets are emptied, or where they are disposed.

The best pallets are in new condition, with clean, dry wood. Here is a list of places you should check for free pallets.

Make sure you ask before taking pallets.

Pet food stores
Feed & Tack stores
Stationary shops
Furniture stores
Liquor stores
Flooring stores
Other small retail
Stores undergoing remodeling
Construction sites


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