Cheesy Fried Polenta Fries

Cheesy Fried Polenta Fries.

Cheesy Fried Polenta Fries.

These Polenta Fries, or some people call them chips are cheesy gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Polenta can be used to make an endless variety of healthy, low-fat dishes to die for.

These Polenta Fries ( Chips ) have a creamy texture and sets hard once cooked with liquid. You can buy 5 minute polenta otherwise it can take from 30 to 60 minutes to cook properly.

The polenta chips in this recipe make great tapas (appetizers) for any dinner party.

Dipped served hot and dipped in basil aoli, they won’t last long. You can also grill or roast them in the oven.

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